Church Service

Both of our morning services have resumed with the following restrictions in place. If you or someone in your family has been sick in the prior two weeks, please stay at home. If you are in the “at risk group”, you should consider staying home until all risk of this virus has passed. If you choose to attend, social distancing practices need to continue by staying at least six feet apart unless with family. Please use the hand sanitizers available at the church or wash your hands before and after services or if you touch any hard surface that someone else may have touched. We will have someone sanitizing door handles and handrails periodically throughout the morning. For those of you who choose not to come at this time, we will continue to have a link to our 9:00AM worship service available below on the website. We will be having a time for communion during the service, so if you have bread and juice (or a substitute) you are invited to participate with us in the Lord’s Supper. If you have prayer needs, or if you have a need that the church can help you with, please contact the church office or call one of your elders.