Church Business Ministry Team

The goal of the Church Business Ministry Team is to coordinate business functions of the Church Board. This Ministry Team shall be led by the Vice Chair of the Church Board.

  • The Stewardship and Finance function is responsible for keeping alive in the congregation the realization of its stewardship obligations, promoting stewardship education, supervising the preparation of the Church Budget, and keeping accurate records.
  • The Memorials function oversees memorial contributions and acts as liaison between the families and the Church Board, maintaining a record of contributors and honorees and providing contribution information to the families and contributors.
  • Memorial contributions shall be held separately and used only for memorials approved by the Church Board. Memorial contributions shall not be used for general expenses. All contributions bequeathed to the Church shall be considered Memorial Contributions and placed in the Memorial Fund.
  • The Technology function works with the Church Secretary to maintain the Church member database, to develop and maintain the Church website, and to coordinate other IT tasks.
  • The Personnel function is responsible for hiring and evaluating the performance of staff members other than the pastor. This function develops and updates job descriptions for all staff positions, posts job openings and evaluates applications, provides recommendations to the board for hiring, and develops and implements staff performance evaluations.

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