Service Opportunities

As you read the descriptions of the different Church ministry teams, organizations, and community ministries, think prayerfully about how you can provide service through participation in these areas. Don’t wait to be asked. Contact us to offer your talents.




The purpose of the Worship Ministry Team is to lead the membership in a genuine experience of worship in the public services and to enrich family and devotional life.

Christian Education and Youth

Christian education and youth


The purpose of the Christian Education and Youth Ministry Team is to develop an effective program of religious education for the entire congregation.

Membership and Outreach

Membership and outreach


The Membership and Outreach Ministry Team focuses on service to our members and outreach to visitors and to the community.

Property and Grounds

Property and grounds


The Property Ministry Team is responsible for maintaining the Church building and property.

Church Business Ministry Team

Church business ministry team


The goal of the Church Business Ministry Team is to coordinate business functions of the Church Board.

Christian Women's Fellowship

Christian women ministries


The Disciples Women / Christian Women’s Fellowship (DW/CWF) includes all women in the Church family. It offers fellowship and study and supports a number of important ministries.

Christian Women's Fellowship

Christian men's ministries


The Christian Men’s Fellowship (CMF) includes all men in the Church family. It meets monthly for breakfast, fellowship, and service activities and provides support to local ministries.

Community Ministries

Community ministries


There are also many opportunities for service in the Bolivar community.

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