Worship Ministry Team

The purpose of the Worship Ministry Team is to lead the membership in a genuine experience of worship in the public services and to enrich family and devotional life.

  • The Worship function works with the Pastor to plan for and coordinate Sunday Worship services, Adventand Holy Week Services, baptisms, special prayer services, and the Nursing home ministry. It also coordinates the technology used for all Worship services.
  • The Music function makes recommendations to improve music in the Church, supervises Choir Directors, organists, and pianists, and supervises the maintenance of the music instruments.
  • The Diaconate function schedules and trains deacons to prepare and serve communion.

You can support this ministry team by actively participating in Worship, by preparing or serving communion, serving as a lay leader, singing in the choir, participating on the prayer chain, or taking part in the nursing home ministry. Step in and do your part.

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