Property and Grounds Ministry Team

The Property Ministry Team is responsible for maintaining the Church building and property under the supervision of the Board of Trustees. This Ministry Team will be led by a member of the Board of Trustees.

  • The Property function maintains the property in a safe and clean condition, supervising repairs and improvements, directing the custodian, and arranging for other janitorial and building maintenance services.
  • The Decoration function is responsible for placing and maintaining permanent decorations, and changing out seasonal decorations over the year.
  • The Kitchen function has responsibility for overseeing all activities that take place in the Church kitchen. This function coordinates purchase of supplies and equipment for the kitchen, serves as liaison with other groups using the kitchen, and leads the planning for and preparation of special Church meals.
  • The Transportation function maintains the Church van, maintains a list of van drivers and other drivers who can transport people to Church events or appointments, and responds to requests for rides by connecting those needing rides with those who can provide them.
  • The Security function develops and coordinates the implementation of procedures to protect Church members in case of a security threat.

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